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What is the iGrow Cloud?

Welcome to the cloud! This is where your iGrow controllers are connected for easy, convenient remote management. In a few easy clicks, using Link4’s advance technology, you and your hardware will be connected. Rest assured, the connection and database are completely secured. No unauthorized access will be granted. You can proceed with confidence.

Link4’s iGrow cloud is a centralized internet database that all of your iGrow controllers and many others’ out there are all connected to. By creating an account and using the provided security code on the controller, Link4 will unite the devices with their owner (you!) You will get a convenient interface to control your hardware as if you are right in front of them. Many important data are also being stored for historical analysis. Now you can go back and investigate to data why your crop’s yield was so high this time around! Through the cloud, the device can also automatically send you notifications (emails/text messages) of unusual conditions (e.g. high temperature, low CO2 levels, etc.) With a centralized system like the Link4Cloud server, setup is a breeze.

No data collected by the iGrow Cloud is shared to a third party. Additionally, any location data we collect is anonymous and cannot be associated with a user account. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.
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